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SightMD Announces Acquisition of Hatsis Laser Vision

SightMD, a leading multi-specialty ophthalmology platform and a portfolio company of Chicago Pacific Founders, today announced a strategic partnership with Alexander P. Hatsis, M.D., FACS of Hatsis Laser Vision.  The partnership expands SightMD’s presence on Long Island, adding an additional Nassau County location and three providers to SightMD’s current footprint of 32 locations and 70+… Read More

Hearing Aids – It’s An Adjustment

Deborah LaBel, M.S.

One very common misconception about hearing aids is that they are “just like eyeglasses,” meaning that once you put them on, your hearing troubles are immediately “corrected,” much the same as eyeglasses “correct” your vision when worn. Eyeglasses are considered corrective because when properly set and worn, your vision will be improved to the normal… Read More

When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

Deborah LaBel, M.S.

Sometimes even the most advanced technology cannot provide optimal hearing support in the most challenging listening situations for all patients. Fortunately there are many options to consider when your hearing aids are not enough! Many of today’s hearing aids have the ability to connect to your smartphone. This can be a direct wireless connection via… Read More


Deborah LaBel, M.S.

Did you know that the top three New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were to get healthy, get organized, and to enjoy life to the fullest? If you’re making a health-related resolution for the 2018, consider adding “take a hearing test” to the list. While hearing health tends to fly under the radar, our hearing actually… Read More

What’s New in Hearing Technology?

Signia Hearing has recently released new technology with advanced features for better hearing – The Signia Nx Signia’s Nx platform includes all of the advanced features found in their Primax hearing instruments with the added feature called “Own Voice Processing.” What is “Own Voice Processing”? One common concern among hearing instrument wearers is the sound… Read More

December Live LASIK Open House with Dr. Lawrence Zweibel

Dr.Lawrence Zweibel will be hosting our December Live LASIK open house on Tuesday December 5th, 2017 at 7PM in our Smithtown laser center (260 Middle Country Rd, Ste.204, Smithtown, NY 11787). This live event is open to the public and all attendees will receive a complimentary LASIK consultation, $1000 off of their procedure, 2 year… Read More

Cataract Surgery at SightMD in Long Island New York

When it comes to cataract surgery, the board certified eye doctors at SightMD are thrilled to be at the forefront of technology and technique and enjoy being the choice of Long Island when it comes to cataract treatment.  SightMD has 28 locations across Long Island, Queens and Manhattan.  We are a next generation eye care… Read More

Learning about LASIK and Dry Eye Disease for 2017

When you think of LASIK at North Shore Eye Care/SightMD, our new state-of-the-art LASIK center has bladeless and custom technology. The LASIK center is strictly temperature and humidity controlled. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, our Customvue/Idesign mapping system creates a unique fingerprint of your visual system much like the fingerprint on your… Read More

Hear well for the Holidays!

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year – or the most stressful! For people with hearing loss, social gatherings with family and friends often mean struggling to hear through tables of competing conversations and clattering dishes. Here are some things you can do to stay connected with your family and friends… Read More

How much noise is too much noise?

It is well known that exposure to loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss. But many people are not aware that these noises can also cause tinnitus, hypertension, coronary heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbances. Many people report that extreme noises cause them both physical and psychological stress, reduce their productivity, and of course, interfere… Read More

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