The Best LASIK Surgeons…Best of Long Island 2018 Winners SightMD

When it comes to LASIK in Long Island New York, SightMD provides the best in bladeless custom LASIK laser vision correction.  This year, SightMD was recognized as the best LASIK eye care practice on Long Island in the “Best of Long Island” contest as seen in the Long Island Press.  SightMD also has more “Top Doctors: New York Metro Area” as published by Castle Connolly than any other eye care practice in the region.  Our board certified LASIK surgeons are thrilled that they stand out among the crowd of laser eye surgery providers as best in class.  SightMD provides 7 day a week availability with office hours every day of the week including evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Our call center is open for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that our patients can always contact their eye doctor when they need them.  SightMD is also the Official LASIK Provider of the New York Mets.

The SightMD Difference

So with all that, why would you have LASIK anywhere else?  Our eye doctors understand that our patients have a choice and we want to earn their trust and respect.  From the moment you contact our professional call center to when you come in for your free LASIK evaluation with one of our LASIK surgeons, you will be treated as one of our family.  We make sure that all of our employees understand the importance of our patients and the privilege that we have in taking care of so many in our Long Island community.  At SightMD, you will feel the difference… it is unmistakable.

LASIK Technology 

When it comes to technology, SightMD accepts nothing less than the best.  Our state of the art Long Island LASIK center feels like a spa with mellow music and comfortable lighting.  The staff at the LASIK center understand that patients are nervous and we are extra-careful to make you comfortable.  We were the first in the Northeast United States to have the iDesign abberrometer.  This machine is the custom part of the laser vision correction procedure.  It obtains a custom map of your unique visual system because your visual system is unique to you just like your fingerprint.  This information is digitally transferred to the laser so that treatments are identified patient to patient and eye to eye.  The iDesign system has 5 times the resolution of the last generation Wavescan with double the data points.  This is important because the limiting factor was never the laser… it was the imaging.  With better imaging, the laser is able to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with better accuracy.  The iFS intralase is used to make flaps before vision is corrected.  This machine is able to make flaps that are 1/10th of a millimeter thick in just 10 seconds.  Laser flap making made the LASIK procedure much safer… this is why at SightMD, we haven’t used blades in over 10 years.  Our LASIK suite is controlled tightly for temperature and humidity so that results vary as little as possible.

What About LASEK?

What about LASEK with an “E”.  LASEK is just another word for PRK or surface laser vision correction.  Surface laser vision correction is highly effective with the same visual results, but the healing time is more uncomfortable and takes longer, usually a week to get back to normal daily activity.  Across the country, 80 percent of laser eye surgery procedure are LASIK, with 20 percent being surface ablation, also called PRK or LASEK.  In some cases, surface ablation is the better choice… some patients with corneal scars, corneal irregularities, higher prescriptions or other reasons.  However, most patients are excellent candidates for LASIK, which typically gets you right back in your life the next day.  It is important that the laser vision correction center that you choose offers both and that the pros and cons of each procedure are explained in detail by the LASIK surgeon.

Give us a call or email us and come in for your free LASIK evaluation and get on the road to great vision without glasses or contact lenses.

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