Trading Up For LASIK

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If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you likely have to make a lot of ‘either or’ choices right now. Do you keep your glasses on or your contacts in so you can see during a hotel stay during a family vacation?

Or do you let the world go blurry for a bit so you can join in on the family fun? Choices like this are never any fun, and it’s time you stopped having to make them.

With LASIK, you can say goodbye to the either-or limbo you always find yourself in! It’s no coincidence that millions of people have had LASIK and the fact that it has a 96% success rate!

Not sure if LASIK is worth it? Keep reading to learn what life could be like when you trade up for LASIK!

After LASIK, you’ll never have to decide between…

1. Relaxing and falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie or falling asleep no matter what.

Nothing good happens when you fall asleep in your glasses or contacts!

If you fall asleep in your glasses, you’re risking the possibility of breaking or losing them. With contacts, falling asleep with them in is extremely bad for your eyes!

2. Taking the time to search for a dropped contact lens while you get ready for work or picking up a coffee on the way.

After LASIK, you can get ready without trying to find your contacts.

Or let’s not forget the struggles of trying to remember where you put your glasses when you went to bed. It’s all about the little things!

3. Pushing your glasses up while working out or not worrying about anything but your heart rate.

Glasses and workouts don’t mix!

Sweaty glasses will only keep falling down your face and bring you out of the zone. Sure, you could wear contacts but your eyes might get dry and irritated. LASIK helps you stay in the zone!

4. Having to clean all your own fingerprints off your lenses after peek-a-boo or just having fun!

We’ll choose to have fun with the cute niece every time. Minus the glasses, of course.

5. Figuring out how to pose for a picture without glare or having fun taking a picture!

Glasses and pictures are usually enemies on the best of days.

If it’s sunny, it’s all about avoiding the glare that will ruin your picture. Besides, who wants to be the only person in the picture with glasses on? Thank you, next!

6. Going to the eye doctor every year for your eye examination and choosing new frames or having free time.

We get it: your time is precious! Not having to buy new glasses every year is something you can look forward to after LASIK.

7. Spending money on prescription goggles or treating yourself to something nice!

With glasses and contacts, you already have to deal with prescription sunglasses.

Prescription goggles for swimming or skiing are even more money you’ll be spending. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash in your pocket instead?

8. Rushing around to put in your contacts before being late to a family activity or being able to roll out of bed.

Putting in contacts can be such an ordeal!

And that’s assuming you don’t put one in inside out and stumble around blindly. Say goodbye to that and get LASIK. You can wake up and see the world without limitations. Who wouldn’t want that?

9. Spending money on repairing frames, or putting that cash away to save for a rainy day.

You never know what life is going to throw at you! You don’t have to deal with breaking frames after LASIK. Easy as that.

10. Replacing a lost contact, or heading to the bookstore for a new release.

You can read in bed and never have to worry about hurting your glasses or contacts again after LASIK! Bookworms, rejoice!

Thinking LASIK may be right for you? Schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation at SightMD in the Long Island area today!

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