WHY TRY HEARING AIDS? You’ve had your hearing tested….. You’ve been told that you have a significant hearing loss…. You’ve been told you need hearing aids…. But you’re not convinced – after all you hear plenty of things just fine – and it’s just easier to turn the TV volume up or stay away from crowded places…. Do I really need hearing aids?

People have any number of reasons for ignoring hearing loss and continuing to go through everyday life struggling to hear. For some, getting hearing aids makes them feel old. For others, hearing aids don’t seem to be worth the money. We all know that one person who does not like his hearing aids… Here are several reasons to try hearing aids and see how it can change your life:

Hearing better with hearing aids brings easier conversations with friends and family, reducing the need for frequent repetitions & also reducing misunderstandings
Wearing hearing aids greatly reduces the stress and anxiety you feel while straining to focus on understanding what people are saying.
Hearing aids can help you sense the direction a sound is coming from and improve your balance.
Wearing hearing aids keeps your brain stimulated and helps keeps your cognitive abilities from declining as you age. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to dementia, depression, anxiety and withdrawal from social activities.
Ringing or buzzing in your ears, known as tinnitus, can be soothed or masked by wearing appropriate hearing aids.
Safety concerns are reduced when you can hear doorbells, telephones, alarms, car horns, and approaching people/cars.
Today’s hearing aids are more discreet and are as sophisticated as computers. There have been great improvements in hearing aid technology compared to hearing aids of even just a few years ago.
Your hearing loss will not go away and it will not get better. In fact, it will most likely get worse. The longer you wait to start using hearing aids, your chances of being helped decreases.
The best way to know if hearing aids are right for you is to do a trial. Taking a pair of hearing aids home gives you the best chance to experience first-hand how hearing aids can help you in your everyday life. When you decide to move forward and get your own hearing aids, our patients get a full 45-day trial period during which the hearing aids can be returned if you find you are not satisfied with them. During follow up appointments, the instruments are continually fine-tuned until the settings are best customized to your personal hearing needs.

The Audiologists at SightMD, previously North Shore Eye Care & Hearing are available to discuss your questions and concerns about hearing aids, evaluate your hearing and set up a hearing aid trial. Please call (631) 265-8780 to set up a convenient appointment today.

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