What’s New in Hearing Technology?

Signia Hearing has recently released new technology with advanced features for better hearing – The Signia Nx

Signia’s Nx platform includes all of the advanced features found in their Primax hearing instruments with the added feature called “Own Voice Processing.”

What is “Own Voice Processing”?
One common concern among hearing instrument wearers is the sound quality of their own voice when using hearing aids. Frequent words used to describe this experience are “hollow voice,” “echo,” or “barrel quality.” Hearing care professionals often resolve own voice complaints by reducing amplification, which may lead to decreased speech intelligibility for some patients.

With the new Signia Nx platform, this is no longer an issue because of their revolutionary technology called Own Voice Processing (OVP).

The new OVP technology is able to identify the wearer’s own voice and learns to recognize when the wearer is speaking. The instruments process the patient’s own voice differently and separately from other inputs, offering a greatly improved sound quality of their own voice and reducing the perception of “hollow voice” all in real time!

Additional upgraded features in the Signia Nx include “Narrow Directionality” which has been clinically proven to surpass normal hearing in challenging listening environments and an expanded “Dynamic Range” which preserves clarity and offers a natural sound quality in everyday life.

The Audiologists at Sight MD are available to assist you with all of your hearing healthcare needs. To see if this advanced hearing technology is right for you please call to schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists at 1-(855)-295-4144.

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