When Shouldn’t I Get LASIK?

Smiling Young Woman Considering LASIK Surgery

Timing is everything when it comes to getting LASIK. Yes, there are times you shouldn’t get LASIK! Keep reading to find out the times to avoid for this life-changing procedure!

If You’re Healing From An Eye Injury

Patients cannot have LASIK surgery while healing from an injury to the eye. If you manage to injure your eye after scheduling LASIK, let your surgeon know!

They will need to examine your eye to determine if you need to reschedule your procedure. When getting LASIK, both you and your eyes should be as healthy as possible! This reduces any risks or complications you may have.

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is already hard on women. With mood swings, hormonal imbalances, and morning sickness, it’s a long 9 months. Unfortunately, pregnant women cannot get LASIK. This is due to hormonal imbalances that occur.

These hormonal changes affect the whole body, including your eyesight. It is not uncommon for your vision to change while you are pregnant.

One of the requirements for LASIK is having a stable prescription for at least a year. Since your vision will not be stable, you are not eligible for LASIK while pregnant.

Though there aren’t many complications to consider, LASIK is traumatic for your eyes. If you are planning to have a large family, it’s best to not get LASIK until you’re done having children.

Your vision is likely to change with each pregnancy, which would make LASIK useless. Do yourself a favor and wait to get LASIK until you’re sure that you’re done having children.

Before Your Mid Twenties

Our vision isn’t stable until about age 24. If your vision has been stable for at least a year, you can get LASIK at the age of 18. Most LASIK surgeons prefer that patients get LASIK in their mid to late twenties.

Getting LASIK earlier could result in your eyes continuing to change. LASIK is meant to be a permanent procedure, so your eyes need to be stable when you get it.

During Football Season

…or baseball season or any other sports season if you happen to be an athlete. If you are actively training for sports like boxing or wrestling, you should wait to get LASIK as well. So why is this?

LASIK surgeons recommend not getting LASIK if you play a contact sport. Contact sports make you much more likely to get hit in the face or the eyes. While recovering from LASIK, the corneal flap created is very fragile.

Getting hit in the head playing a contact sport could result in damage to the flap. If you play a contact sport and meet all other requirements, it’s likely you’ll be approved for LASIK.

To be safe, get your LASIK procedure during your sports off-season. This will give you plenty of time to recover. Plus you won’t have to worry about getting hit in the head!

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