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September 15, 2023

By: Yuan Tran, OD

Can Contact Lenses Damage Your Eyes?

finger holding a single contact lense

Wearing contact lenses is more convenient than wearing glasses. However, if used improperly, contact lenses can increase the risk of corneal ulcers and eye infections. At SightMD, we provide vision correction treatments and laser eye surgery to protect you from the harmful effects of contact lenses. Contact lenses are generally safe, but they can damage your eyes in some cases.

So is wearing contact lenses harmful to your eyes?

No. But not replacing and wearing contact lenses as prescribed can contribute to eye damage. You also need to clean them often and avoid wearing them too long. Contact lenses are by far more convenient than wearing glasses. But in the long run, improper handling of contact lenses can lead to these health issues.

Dry Eyes

Contact lenses are designed to absorb tears. Therefore, prolonged use can dry up your eyes. Avoiding wearing contact lenses all the time, taking frequent breaks, and lubricating your eyes can help avoid dry eyes.

Corneal Ulcer

Contact lenses can cause parasitic, fungal, and viral infections, leading to corneal ulcers. When left untreated for long, a corneal ulcer can cause permanent blindness and the only way to restore your vision is to undergo surgery.


Contact lenses should sit properly on the cornea surface to ensure no irregular edges. These irregular edges can result in abrasion. They can also trap particles, sand, and dirt that may damage the cornea. Viruses and bacteria allowed in by abrasion can cause contact lens blindness, decreased vision, and eye infection.


Eyelids tend to droop if pushed by contact lenses, leading to contraction and scarring. Stretching eyelids repeatedly when removing lenses can cause eye damage. And in severe cases, the affected eye may not fully open.

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In conclusion, it isn’t harmful to wear contact lenses as long as you use them properly. But if contact lenses have already damaged your eyes, there is a solution. At SightMD, we provide advanced vision correction procedures to restore eyes damaged by wearing contact lenses. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced ophthalmologists for any eye care treatment. We use the latest surgical technologies to treat eyes damaged by contact lenses.