About SightMD Cataract & LASIK Experts

SightMD was founded by combining two of the finest ophthalmology practices on Long Island—North Shore Eye Care and Long Island Eye Surgical Care—into a state-of-the-art eye care practice that put patients first. They married sophisticated technology and a personalized approach to provide unparalleled patient care and have expanded with offices throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Manhattan, Queens, and Westchester.

In 2020, SightMD’s mission expanded into New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. The doctors of Athwal, Susskind & Almallah, Lakhani, and Shore Eye Associates in Ocean and Monmouth County came together as SightMD New Jersey. Progressive Vision Institute and Betz Ophthalmology Associates with locations in Schuylkill, Berks, Northumberland, Union, and Philadelphia Counties, merged together to form SightMD Pennsylvania. The doctors at Fichman Eye Center in Hartford and Litchfield counties are now SightMD Connecticut.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you find that you are a candidate for LASIK surgery – also known as “laser eye surgery” or “laser vision correction” – make sure to entrust the operation of this delicate procedure to the best eye doctors who are at the top of their field. Patients who chose SightMD have stated their feelings of confidence that they were in the hands of the most trusted LASIK doctors, which made the operation that much easier and stress-free. So, we at SightMD are not shy to say that we employ the best LASIK doctors you will find for this very specialized eye operation.

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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a condition that develops when the eyeball experiences increased pressure, eventually leading to a gradual loss of sight. The only general symptom of glaucoma is when a person notices a slow loss in his or her vision. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. If detected early enough by the top-rated eye care doctors at SightMD, however, glaucoma can be treated and monitored to slow its progression and to prevent further vision loss. If you have noticed any change to how you see, no matter how slight, make an appointment to have your vision tested at SightMD.

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Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a cloudy area that develops in the lens of the eye. Being diagnosed with cataracts can be scary. And undergoing cataract surgery ­– which is the only cure for this condition – may seem scarier. If you should find yourself facing the possibility of having to undergo cataract surgery, rest assured that SightMD will help you every step of the way through this operation. Enlisting the services of the best-of-the-best eye care doctors, SightMD ensures that your operation will be safe and secure, and that you will receive close and careful attention. Let SightMD help and save your vision.

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Learn More About SightMD Near You

SightMD Connecticut

Were you aware that in 1948, Connecticut became home to the first color television? With that in mind, do you appreciate being able to see rich colors? The eye care professionals at SightMD always think about how to help people see as best as they possibly can. With five locations in Connecticut – including a Laser and Vision Surgery Center in Manchester – entrust your eye care to the professionals at SightMD. Explore SightMD Connecticut

SightMD New Jersey

The long, beautiful coastline of New Jersey is one of the most impressive sights in America. This impressiveness is not lost on the eye care professionals who operate in the 11 SightMD locations in “the Garden State,” as helping others improve their vision is their mission. Toms River, for example, has the distinction of being home to the Ocean Regional Eye Surgery Center (OREC). Let SightMD help you see better. Explore SightMD New Jersey

SightMD New York

New York is considered by many as the epicenter of the United States – and even the world. It is therefore fitting that New York was the “foundation location” for the very first SightMD office. Constantly evolving with the same energy as the people who live here, SightMD has expanded to 40 offices across New York State, ranging from Upstate to Long Island. If you’re a New Yorker, let us help you easily find the location that’s closest to you. Trust your vision to eye care professionals who’ll deliver the most advanced care possible. Contact a New York-based SightMD office today. Explore SightMD New York

SightMD Pennsylvania

If you are a resident of Philadelphia – nicknamed “The Birthplace of America” – you can give a rebirth to your vision when you visit one of the nine SightMD offices located here. From basic services that include eye exams and contact lens exams to more advanced procedures such as cataract surgery and treatment of macular degeneration, our world-class ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians will give your vision new life. Check out SightMD. Explore SightMD Pennsylvania

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Best of Long Island

Best of Long Island Winners

The votes are in! SightMD New York has won the Best Ophthalmologist, Best Optometrist, Best LASIK Surgery Practice, and Best Cosmetic Surgeon on Long Island!

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Clinical Research

SightMD is lucky to have an incredible Clinical Research Team, to guarantee we bring the latest advances, technologies, and discoveries in eye care to you.

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Join the SightMD Team

With practice locations across four states and a dedicated administrative office on Long Island, find out how you can join one of the fastest growing eye care groups in the northeast.

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