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Benefits of LASIK Surgery

Patients who undergo LASIK surgery experience not only improved eyesight, but also a number of secondary benefits which can lead to an overall higher quality of life. LASIK surgery allows you to see the world around you without the help of glasses or contact lenses. After LASIK surgery, you can expect to experience increased independence, improved self-confidence, and even savings.

Improved Vision

98% of patients obtained 20/20 vision or better after LASIK surgery. In addition, night vision is often reported to be better after LASIK than with eyeglasses or contacts before surgery.

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Freedom From Eyeglasses or Contacts

Patients do not feel tied down by a daily routine of inserting and removing contacts. They also no longer feel self-conscious about having to wear eyeglasses. The majority of LASIK patients can completely eliminate their use of corrective eyewear after surgery.

LASIK is Cost-Effective

The results of LASIK surgery can last a lifetime. This eliminates the need to purchase replacement eyewear and also reduces the number of optometrist appointments needed, making LASIK surgery cost effective.

Immediate Results

Patients who undergo LASIK surgery will experience a difference in their vision almost immediately after the procedure. LASIK surgery also requires little recovery or downtime. Even patients who have suffered from vision problems for decades can leave the LASIK facility with a brand new view of the world.

New Activities

Certain activities such as swimming and even traveling can be a hassle for patients who need protective eyewear. LASIK gives patients the chance to thoroughly enjoy all of the activities they love. It also opens the door to careers that require excellent vision such as photography, aviation, and law enforcement.

Improved Self-Confidence

Without the need to wear glasses or contacts, patients can be more confident in their vision, as well as their appearance. Corrective eyewear is often a source of insecurity for patients, and LASIK surgery can reduce or completely eliminate the need for lenses.