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May 09, 2023

By: Brad Kligman, MD

Can I Have LASIK Done Twice?

Doctor in lab coat doing an eye examination on a blond woman.

Ah, LASIK eye surgery. This once revolutionary procedure has been chosen by many at the closest option to getting near-perfect vision. And the many requests to have this operation has led to just as many questions, one of which is whether it will need to be performed more than once.

Can You Get LASIK Twice?

The quick answer to this question is “yes.” Actually, there is no limit as to how many times a person may undergo LASIK eye surgery. More often than not, however, patients find that their vision not only improves, but remains strong, after one and only operation. This then inspires another question: Why would anyone want to have LASIK performed twice?

Reread the sentence above that refers to “near-perfect vision.” Yes, in some cases, a person may develop eye-related conditions which – if they had LASIK eye surgery before the diagnosis – may require that the procedure be performed again.

And then there is the issue of age. Keep in mind that LASIK eye surgery greatly improves vision. but it does not reverse the natural aging process. This means that despite undergoing a successful LASIK operation, the eyes are “only human” as the saying goes, and will eventually lose the ability to see as sharply or clearly as a person ages. One such age-related condition is “presbyopia,” where the lens of the eye stops focusing light correctly on the retina.

Why Would You Need It More Than Once?

Before we get into the specifics of getting LASIK a second time, let’s consider why someone might need it twice in the first place. The most common reason to need LASIK a second time is age-related vision changes. Several factors, including how old you were when you had LASIK, your vision pre-surgery, and your family’s vision history, can contribute to the need for a second procedure.

If a person who has had LASIK eye surgery once, and feels the need to have the operation again, he or she must wait between five and 10 years after the first procedure. And even then, a second opinion from an eye care professional would be necessary.

LASIK Enhancement

There are rare cases in which LASIK does not result in desired vision improvements. Specifically, around 5% of procedures don’t yield vision improvements of 20/40 or better. In these cases, many individuals can undergo an enhancement procedure to fine tune their vision. This procedure is similar to LASIK; the main difference is that because a procedure was already created in the initial procedure, there is no need to make one during the enhancement.

If you aren’t satisfied with your vision following laser eye surgery, SightMD will be able to advise you on whether or not you are a candidate for this enhancement. If you have already undergone LASIK surgery – or about to get the procedure for the first time – and have any other post-op questions, give SightMD a call at 855.295.4144. (We can also provide guidance on whether or not you would a second LASIK procedure – or if one was enough.)