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September 29, 2023

By: Lindsay Beckler, AuD

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Hearing Evaluation?

tools used for a hearing evaluation / exam

Have you noticed that you don’t hear as well as you used to? Or, has your doctor recommended that you should have your hearing tested? Whatever the case may be, you should be aware of what is involved when you get a hearing test. So, you are probably wondering…

Why get a Hearing Test

The purpose of this evaluation is to gauge the sensitivity of how well you hear. A hearing specialist (audiologist) will conduct the exam with an instrument (audiometer) that test how well you can hear at different frequencies. The degree of how well you are able to hear once these tests are completed will determine whether or not you might be a candidate for hearing aids. (And those who already wear hearing aids may need a new prescription, depending on the results of the evaluation.)

How To Prepare For A Hearing Test

If you have made an appointment with an audiologist, it is important that you avoid being exposed to loud noises of any kind before your visit. Attending a test soon after your hearing has been exposed to noise will result in an inaccurate final evaluation. If you happen to hear any kind of sharp noise before an evaluation, will need 12 hours for your ears to fully recover from the impact of the sound.

Additional proactive measures to take before attending a hearing evaluation include cleaning your ears two days in advance and bringing along a list of any medications you might be taking. Any information that you can provide to the audiologist about your overall health can factor in to how he or she will conduct the exam as well as impact the final result of the evaluation.

In short, the better prepared you are for a hearing evaluation, the more accurate the result will be. Then, you and the audiologist can discuss the best plan for maintaining and improving your ability to hear.

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