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August 28, 2023

By: Michael Conners, MD, PhD

How Are Cataracts Detected?

older male patient speaking to an eye doctor

Every one of the eye care professionals at every SightMD office loves a well-informed patient. On occasion, one of us will be asked a question that’s not necessarily a concern of a patient. It’s simply asked out of genuine curiosity. Some patients have wondered about how we test and determine a diagnosis of cataracts. So, the question of today’s edition of EveryDay Insight is…How are cataracts detected?

Are cataracts easy to detect?

There are generally two ways in which an eye care professional detects cataracts. If a patient is experiencing blurred, clouded vision, he or she should make an appointment to have their eyes checked. (Note that clouded vision is not a definite sign of cataracts, but it is a possibility.) Also, warning signs of cataracts may appear in a patient when his or her optometrist conducts a routine eye exam. (This may sound scary, but it is far from being so: The earlier that cataracts are detected, the better the chances for successfully dealing with them.)

From the technical coverage of detecting cataracts, the eye care professional will perform a variety of tests, one of which is known as a “visual acuity exam,” which measures how well a patient can see from different distances. Additionally, a “slit-lamp examination” may be suggested, which enables the professional to view structures at the front of a patient’s eyes while they are being magnified through a machine called an “ophthalmoscope.” Another method of testing as to whether or not a patient might have cataracts is through measuring the fluid pressure in his or her eyes.

Can you see cataracts in a regular eye exam?

The eye care professionals at SightMD have extensive expertise in diagnosing and finding solutions for handling cataracts. If you have been having trouble with your vision – however slight it might be – contact SightMD for a checkup. Should it be determined you do in fact have cataracts, know that we will provide the best possible care and guide you every step of the way toward the best solution. Whether an upgrade in a prescription to eyewear is needed, or is surgery is the best option, the eye care professionals at SightMD are here to help.