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August 16, 2023

By: Paul Choinski, MD

What does your vision look like when you need cataract surgery?

woman getting her eyes scanned for cataracts

In the past we have explained and detailed the condition known as “cataracts,” which develop when the clear part of the eye that focuses light clouds over. Solutions such as surgery have also been discussed in this blog, but many may wonder how their eyesight is affected and what it’s like to see (or try seeing) if cataracts take hold. Today, we ponder…What does cataracts do to your vision?

Cataracts develop slowly and are not noticeable during the beginning stages. A person may find, over time, that his or her ability to see begins to change. At one point, everything around them looks markedly different, or that the eyes “seems to be playing tricks on them.” People, places, and things may have the appearance of being filtered through a window that is frosted over or fogged up. Everything is hazy, colors are muted, and – in short – a person’s vision is not what it should be. A checkup with an eye care professional must be scheduled immediately.

We should point out that a diagnosis of cataracts is not the end of the world. Many adults – particularly as they get older – have a strong chance of developing this condition. The progression of cataracts may be slowed by wearing sunglasses, installing brighter lights in the home and at work, and adopting a healthier diet. To completely fix and reverse this condition requires surgery. And cataract surgery, it should be noted, is a safe and very frequently performed operation.

What to do if you think you have cataracts

Have you been experiencing issues with your vision, and do the explanations above concern you enough to wonder if you might have cataracts? Don’t panic. Simply call SightMD at 855.295.4144, and one of our staff will arrange for you to meet with an eye care professional for an examination and consultation. Whether you need an upgraded prescription to your eyeglasses or contact lenses or are diagnosed with something else – including cataracts – we are here to help and protect your vision.