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October 26, 2023

By: Richard Nattis, MD

What Happens if You Look Around During LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you are thinking about undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you probably have many questions of what to expect. And since the procedure involves pointing lasers into your eyes, you might even have second thoughts. One question that we at SightMD hear often from patients who want LASIK eye surgery – but are concerned about safety is what happens if you look around during LASIK eye surgery?

Yes, lasers are cool, but they can seem scary – especially if making contact with anything as delicate as the eyes. Allow us to put your fears to rest. In the event your eyes happen to blink or involuntarily move or shift, you are completely safe. That’s because the laser technology that powers LASIK eye surgery is (dare we say it) beyond state-of-the-art in its capabilities to track eye movement.

Let’s suppose that as you are undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you happen to cough, sneeze, or your eyes flicker
even slightly. There’s nothing to worry about. The lasers are programmed to automatically adjust and come to a
complete stop until your eyes are able to focus and stay trained on the arranged target for resuming the operation. As the laser technology of LASIK eye surgery “knows” (for lack of a better term) whether or not to proceed during an unexpected interruption, you can feel confident that your procedure will be completely safe. This is one more reason as to why complication rates involved with this operation is less than one percent.

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with SightMD for answers. LASIK eye surgery is one of our specialties, and one of our eye care professionals can advise you on what to expect during this procedure, as well as how you should make the right preparations, pre- and post-operation.