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November 10, 2023

By: Alanna Nattis, DO

What Will Happen During My LASIK Consultation?

If you have decided to have LASIK eye surgery performed, you are likely very excited about this literal change in vision for yourself. We at SightMD appreciate your enthusiasm, but we advise you to also proceed with caution. Before the actual operation, your eyes must be evaluated at a LASIK consultation.

A LASIK consultation is required for anyone who has chosen to have this procedure performed on their eyes. You will meet with the ophthalmologist who is to perform the operation and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. (Trust us, the closer you get to the date of your LASIK eye surgery, you will have questions.)
In addition to a Q&A session, you will need to undergo one final – and thorough – pre-LASIK surgery eye
examination. This exam will consist of diagnostic tests that will check every aspect of your eyes. (Be prepared to have your pupils dilated so that the inside of your eyes may be checked.) Oh, and just as the LASIK consultation is conducted before the operation, there are steps you must take before your appointed consultation…

If you have been relying on contact lenses to see for most of the time, it will be necessary to discontinue wearing them for two weeks prior to your LASIK consultation. That’s because your current vision must be evaluated in order so that an accurate prescription will be assigned to your surgery. So, you can wear eyeglasses for those two weeks. (You do have eyeglasses as a backup, don’t you?) And while we are on the topic of eyeglasses, be sure to bring the pair you have as well as any prescriptions with you. Finally, it is to your benefit to present a list of any medications you are taking and information about your overall medical history to the eye care professionals who will be performing and attending to your LASIK eye surgery. We don’t mean to bring up old clichés, but where eye care in concerned, “knowledge is power.” As popular and commonplace as LASIK eye surgery may be, it is not a procedure to approach lightly. The more that you and your eye care team know, the more successful and stronger your new vision will be through LASIK.

If you need to know more about what to expect at your LASIK consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the SightMD you will be visiting. As we wrote, the more mutual knowledge you and your eye care team have, the better.