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November 08, 2022

By: Anil Birdi, MD

Why is My Vision Blurry After LASIK?

Blurry Vision After LASIK

For many, LASIK eye surgery is a wonder of the modern age of vision. Thanks to LASIK eye surgery conditions that range from astigmatism to myopia may be corrected, and the eyesight of many people is improved. And yet, many who undergo LASIK surgery have complaints of experiencing blurry vision after the operation. Hmmm…

Why is my vision not clear after LASIK?

It is not uncommon for patients to experience blurry vision in the first few days following LASIK surgery. The view of “halos” or glare are two types of distorted vision that will appear before the eyes, post-LASIK. These conditions will gradually disappear as the healing of the eye progresses. Additionally, patients should not be concerned it they develop a case of “dry eye”—another frequent after effect of LASIK surgery, and which is accompanied by blurry vision.

It’s human nature to get excited and pumped up about making a positive change, and then finding that the results are not as perfect as hoped for. Once LASIK surgery has been performed, many people may think they will have crystal clear 20-20 vision. If you have just undergone LASIK surgery, or about to, we at SightMD cannot emphasize enough the importance to have patience. Don’t worry. Your vision will be improved.

Oh, and here’s another point that’s off-topic about blurred vision, but relates to the safety of LASIK surgery: In the over 20 years that this procedure has been performed—at a count of 19.1 million and counting—it has never been the direct cause of vision loss.

Do you have any other questions about what to expect from LASIK eye surgery—pre- and post-operation? SightMD has answers to many common questions and concerns about LASIK eye surgery. If you prefer a personalized answer—either via phone call or email—Contact us. Our eye care professionals are here to help you with your vision health.