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Jeffrey Martin, M.D., First Surgeon at SightMD to Implant the New Alcon Vivity IOL

Published on: April 03, 2022

Jeffrey Martin, M.D., First Surgeon at SightMD to Implant the New Alcon Vivity IOL

New Alcon Vivity IOL Implanted by Jeffrey Martin, M.D.

We are so proud to announce that Dr. Jeffrey Martin is the first surgeon at SightMD to implant the new Alcon Vivity IOL.  Vivity complements Alcon’s existing IOL portfolio by providing an additional option for cataract patients to treat presbyopia.  This non-diffractive lens offers a continuous extended range of vision while maintaining a low incidence of visual disturbances, like a monofocal IOL.

When you have a Cataract, it clouds the natural lens of the eye. This occurs when the proteins that make up the lens clump together and opacify. When a cataract develops, the eye’s lens gradually becomes hard and cloudy allowing less light to pass through, which makes it more difficult to see.

When treating Cataracts, it is done by removing the eye’s cloudy natural lens and surgically replacing it with an intraocular lens or IOL.  The purpose of the AcrySofTM IQ VivityTM Extended Vision IOL is to focus images clearly onto the back of your eye (retina) to allow clear vision after the cataract removal.  By doing so, this will allow individuals the opportunity to have clear distance, intermediate and some near vision compared to what a monofocal IOL would typically provide.  The AcrySof IQ Vivity IOL is not considered a multifocal IOL, as it uses a new Wavefront-Shaping technology to provide the broader range of vision.

In addition to the potential benefits of the AcrySofTM IQ VivityTM Extended Vision IOLs, the IOL will provide corneal astigmatism correction.  This IOL is offered in several models due to the varying levels of corneal astigmatism.  Your surgeon will determine the most appropriate model once you have been examined. 

To get a better understanding of the types of visual disturbances, please refer to the chart below.

Although it has its benefits, it is important to keep in mind that there is still a chance you may need glasses for distance, intermediate, and/or near vision. To get the full benefit of the AcrySofTM IQ VivityTM Extended Vision IOL, it is best when it is implanted in both eyes.  If you want to find out if you are a possible candidate, discuss with your eye doctor or surgeon whether this is the right IOL for you. 

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