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Understanding what Age-Related Macular Degeneration is

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of vision loss in individuals over the age of 50. The name of the condition derives from its cause: damage to the macula, the most sensitive spot on the retina,...

November 17, 2023
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Looking Your Best, Vision Care

A Comprehensive Guide To Caring For Your Contact Lenses

In an age where people are increasingly neglecting their health, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to maintain healthy eyesight.  You can wear contact lenses instead of glasses if you want a more natural appearance and don’t...

November 14, 2023
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A girl reading from a list of letters far away with a doctor standing next to the poster

Advances in Eye Care, Vision Care

Can LASIK eye surgery fix astigmatism?

What is Astigmatism ? Astigmatism is a common type of refractive error and while it is usually present at birth, as a result of the shape of the eye, it can fluctuate throughout life. The source of astigmatism is most...

August 12, 2022
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Blurry reading chart displaying nearsightedness with glasses making a section of the chart clear

Vision Care

Nearsighted vs. Farsighted: What Do They Actually Mean?

More than 11 million Americans have common vision problems that can be corrected with the use of prescriptive eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses. These conditions are known as refractive errors and they occur when the eye doesn’t...

March 03, 2022
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woman with long eyelashes putting in a contact lens

Eye and Ear Health, Vision Care

Bad Habits To Avoid When Using Contact Lens That Can Endanger Your Eyes

Contact lenses can change your world. While many people prefer the look and ease of glasses, others enjoy the freedom of contact lenses. However, contacts are a responsibility. Poor hygiene and bad habits can cause infection and even the loss of vision....

March 02, 2022
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A girl examining her glasses

Eye and Ear Health, Vision Care

Are my reading glasses making my eyes worse?

Short answer- No Although we don’t know the exact mechanism by which humans have a decreased ability to focus up close as we get older (a process called presbyopia), the fact remains that it will happen to all of...

February 28, 2022
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Astigmatism vs. normal vision

Vision Care

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common vision problem caused by an error in the shape of the cornea. With astigmatism, the lens of the eye or the cornea, which is the front surface of the eye, has an irregular curve. This...

February 21, 2022
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Close up of an elderly woman's blue eyes

Vision Care

Tired of Glaucoma Eye Drops? Check out Durysta!

Do you have Glaucoma? If you’re someone that can’t tolerate the side effects of the topical medications or are having trouble administering your own eye drops, Durysta might be right for you! What is Durysta? Durysta is a new injectable...

February 16, 2022
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adult strabismus

Advances in Eye Care, Vision Care

What Is Adult Strabismus?

Strabismus is the term used to describe any misalignment of the eyes in which the eyes fail to work in tandem to focus on and track objects correctly. While strabismus is a common pediatric eye condition, it can also affect...

February 13, 2022
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child in eye patch

Vision Care

Does Your Child Need an Eye Patch?

If your child has been diagnosed with amblyopia (“lazy eye”), wearing an eyepatch may be necessary. The principle is that by blocking the vision of the better-seeing eye, the visual system in the brain related to the worse-seeing eye will...

February 10, 2022
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