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January 18, 2023

By: Lisa Athwal, MD

Does LASIK Give You 20/20 Vision?

eyeglasses and an eye exam chart

We at SightMD receive many vision-related questions from our patients as well as the general public. One frequent topic of curiosity concerns the breakthrough operation in eye surgery known as LASIK eye surgery. And the question that is top-of-mind among people is whether or not LASIK surgery leads to perfect vision. So, the question of the day is…Does LASIK give you 20/20 vision?

Will my vision be 20/20 after LASIK

We won’t leave you in suspense. The answer is—yes, most patients who opt for LASIK eye surgery will be able to see with 20/20 vision, and engage in their favorite activities with clearer vision. Now, if you were wondering about LASIK eye surgery, and—having read the answer to the question above—prepare for a big “however.” Yes, LASIK leads to as close to near-perfect vision as possible, however, as you get older, you might eventually need to use eyeglasses for certain activities such as driving at night or reading.

When will I need glasses after LASIK?

The answer depends on your individual prescription. For example, you may only need glasses for up-close tasks, like reading, while others require them when driving at night. At SightMD, we take a personalized approach to LASIK and other corrective procedures. You should be aware that the crystal-clear vision that results from LASIK eye surgery may gradually decrease over time. One option that some patients choose is enhancement surgery, which they’re eligible to undergo between five and 10 years after their first LASIK operation. Again, eyeglasses may still be needed for driving, reading, and other tasks. (In short, LASIK can strengthen eyesight, but it can’t stop or reverse the aging process.)

Why can’t I achieve 20/20 vision with LASIK?

In most cases, LASIK has the potential to provide 20/20 vision. However, some people – including those who have higher prescriptions – may not achieve this level of visual acuity after laser surgery. If your vision is blurred beyond a certain point, you may still need a prescription for glasses or contacts. 

Improve your vision today with LASIK

It’s clear that LASIK is an excellent way to improve vision. You may need to always wear glasses or contact lenses for certain activities, but it will be easier than before. Now that we’ve established what LASIK eye surgery can and cannot do, are you still interested in having this operation? If so, contact SightMD, either by calling 855.295.4144 or through our website. A member of our team of eye care professionals will help you determine if you’re eligible to undergo LASIK surgery and also provide further details about the procedure.