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December 13, 2023

By: Michael LaMonica, OD

Common Winter Eye Problems and Solutions

Taking care of your eyes year-round can be difficult. After all, each season brings its own challenges. Spring comes with irritating plant pollen, and summer means dry air conditioning. But winter, in particular, tends to create a perfect storm of factors that can aggravate your eyes.

Our team of eye doctors want you to enjoy clear and comfortable vision. Here are some of the most common winter eye problems that our patients experience, along with potential solutions:

* Dry eyes: You may notice that your eyes get drier in the winter months. If so, you are not alone. Many people struggle with this problem. Outdoor air lacks moisture during this time of year, and the hot air we use inside to keep ourselves warm is not much better. Combat winter dry eye by drinking water, using eye drops, and running a humidifier. 

* Watery eyes: Winter can also cause your eyes to produce too many tears. This typically happens because your eyes are trying to compensate for the cold air and dry conditions. While excessive tearing may help with moisture levels, it can also make it difficult to see. You may want to try wearing glasses outdoors to shield your eyes from the elements.

* Redness: It is not uncommon for eyes to become red and swollen when the temperature drops. It generally happens as a result of your blood vessels constricting. Sometimes, it is actually just a symptom of another eye problem, such as dryness. Regardless, patients struggling with winter eye redness can often alleviate it by applying a damp washcloth. If the redness persists, contact our eye doctors to find a treatment.

* Light sensitivity: Do not let gloomy and overcast skies fool you. Harmful UV rays can travel through clouds and reach your eyes if they are not properly protected. Even worse, snow and ice can reflect and magnify the sunlight, increasing your exposure. Get a pair of sunglasses specifically designed for UV protection and wear them all year. 

Get Professional Help with Your Winter Eye Issues

There are a lot of things that you can do to relieve irritated eyes at home. However, if you are struggling with ongoing eye problems and cannot seem to find a solution, it is time to get help. Schedule a consultation today for recommendations from our eye care professionals.