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A woman in gloves and a hat holding her hands over her face in the show

Advances in Eye Care

Treating (and Preventing) Dry Eyes in Winter

It’s not unusual to notice that your eyes are drier in the winter. Dry eyes are most likely to occur in winter and spring when seasonal changes like lower indoor humidity and high winds, can lead to dry eyes...

January 21, 2022
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Eye and Ear Health

Are Medications Causing Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a very common problem.  It affects women more than men and becomes more prevalent as people get older.  It can present in many ways but typical symptoms include: Excessive tearing is another symptom, although it seems...

January 09, 2022
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Woman using eye drops

Eye and Ear Health

Is It Safe To Use Eye Drops Regularly?

The very short answer is NO. Excessive use can actually make the redness in your eyes worse and could lead to several other more serious risks.  Here’s the slightly longer answer. There are plenty of eye “Redness Relief” products...

January 08, 2022
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