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What You Should Know

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts cloud the natural lens of the eye. This happens when the proteins that make up the lens clump together and opacify. Cataracts are most common in people over the age of 60. Cataracts form slowly over a period of many years, and are easily removed during a routine surgery

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Diagnosing Cataracts

The diagnosis of cataracts can help us create a treatment plan. There are different types of cataracts, and each may mean a slightly different surgery. If you suspect you have cataracts, be sure to contact your eye doctor as soon as possible. You don’t have to live with blurry vision!

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Surgery Cost

Your surgery cost may be covered by insurance. Contact us to find out. We strive to make cataract surgery as accessible as possible to our patients. Be sure to give us a call to schedule your cataract consultation. One of our cataract surgery coordinators will be able to walk you through the cost of cataract surgery.

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Cataract Surgery Technology

SightMD is one of the first centers to offer all-laser cataract surgery. Our CATALYS® Precision Laser offers greater precision and safety during your cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can be nerve-wracking, especially for those who are not comfortable with having a blade near their eyes. If that’s you, consider scheduling an all-laser cataract surgery procedure with SightMD!

We use the ORA System® to take additional measurements to better determine your intraocular lens (IOL) power. If you suffer with cataracts, we can help you achieve the clear, dependable vision you deserve. There is no need to live life with blurry vision, especially when SightMD is here to make your cataract surgery experience as easy and effective as possible. We are committed to providing the best that cataract surgery technology has to offer.

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Your Surgery Experience

Woman and eye doctor
1. Overview
Every step of the way, your SightMD Eye Care professionals are available to answer your questions and explain your cataract surgery. Cataract surgery does not have to be a mystery. Contact our team of cataract experts at SightMD!

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2. Day of Surgery
On the day of surgery, you can feel relaxed in the hands of our experienced surgeons. You can sit back in comfort while we restore clear, crisp vision. Be sure to follow your doctor's pre-cataract surgery care directions. This will ensure the best possible surgical outcomes. If you are feeling nervous, your doctor can give you a mild sedative to relax.

Day of Surgery
ORA Cataract Surgery Technology
3. Cataract Surgery
Our surgeons use advanced diagnostic technology and precise laser tools to plan and perform your surgery safely and effectively. Your surgery will be short, effective and will require little to no downtime. Restore your vision and be back to daily activities within a few days. It’s that easy! Cataract surgery is not the procedure it used to be. Cataract patients can expect to have their surgery and be home within an hour!

Cataract Surgery
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4. Results
Our sophisticated surgical techniques can help you enjoy clear vision again. Our intraocular lenses can also address your refractive errors. Cataract patients often tell us that cataract surgery changed their lives. Things that they haven’t been able to see clearly for years are suddenly crisp and sharp. If you are interested in regaining your vision, or even gaining vision better than before cataracts, contact SightMD today!

Surgery Results

"I am so pleased with my vision after surgery. The team was friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process."

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IOL Options


TECNIS® Symfony IOL, the first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL. The TECNIS® Symfony IOL is helping people regain their near vision in addition to correcting cataracts. If you’re tired of wearing reading glasses, it’s time to do something about it. Contact us to see if the TECNIS® Symfony IOL is right for you!
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AcrySof® Toric

The AcrySof® Toric is an excellent treatment option designed especially for astigmatic patients suffering with cataracts. Astigmatism is an extremely common refractive error that causes blurry, sometimes distorted vision. The AcrySof® Toric IOL can help reduce those issues. Schedule your cataract consultation to see if it’s right for you!
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The TECNIS® Toric IOL is another option that can help patients with astigmatism achieve clear vision following cataract surgery.
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Crystalens® IOL

The Crystalens® IOL is designed to help cataract patients suffering from hyperopia and myopia, enhancing vision at a range of distances. If you want clear vision at every distance, this IOL may be right for you. Our experts at SightMD can walk you through the process of finding the perfect IOL to suit your needs.
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The ReSTOR® IOL reduces patients' dependence on glasses and contacts by restoring multifocal vision. Want crystal clear vision at many distances? The ReSTOR® IOL may be right for you!
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Cataract Surgery in Special Clinical Settings

Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism

Patients with astigmatism and cataracts have blurry vision both from the clouding of their cataracts and an abnormal cornea shape. With a combination of cataract surgery, implant lenses for astigmatism (Toric) and corneal relaxing incisions patients can enjoy improved vision. Advanced cataract surgery techniques in addition to revolutionary IOL design allow astigmatic cataract patients to see better than they ever have before!

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Cataract Surgery and Blood Thinners

Many of our patients take blood thinners as a result of other health conditions. In the past, this would have excluded you from cataract surgery. Advancements in technology have made it possible for patients on blood thinners to safely undergo cataract surgery. Our sophisticated tools and techniques make more patients eligible for cataract surgery than ever before. You no longer have to worry about your required medications to interfere with a vision-saving procedure!

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Cataract Surgery and Flomax®

Flomax® can cause the iris to constrict during cataract surgery, complicating the procedure. We have special techniques that make cataract surgery for patients that take Flomax® safer.

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Cataract Surgery and Fuchs' Dystrophy

Fuchs' dystrophy is a hereditary condition that causes corneal weakness. With special care, our surgeons can protect weak corneas and provide outstanding results.

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Cataract Surgery and Pseudoexfoliation

Cataract patients who suffer with pseudoexfoliation need special care during cataract surgery. This condition causes proteins to collect on the lens of the eye, and weakens supportive structures in the eye. With special precautions, we can provide these patients with successful cataract surgery.

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Cataract Surgery and LASIK

Many people assume that because they already had LASIK, they may not be eligible for cataract surgery. While this depends on the patient, this isn’t always true. The same goes for patients who want LASIK after cataract surgery. In some cases, LASIK can be used after cataract surgery to fine tune your vision, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. Meanwhile, patients who develop cataracts after having undergone LASIK can undergo cataract surgery without compromising the effects of LASIK. Are you interested in getting LASIK surgery after cataract surgery or vice versa? Contact our team of experts here st SightMD to determine whether you are a candidate. Say goodbye to blurry vision and glasses!

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